Rachel Walker - Owner/Head Groomer


 Rachel is a lifelong animal lover with a special connection to dogs. She was trained in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan by one of only four government recognized grooming schools in Canada (none of which are in BC!). She learned quickly and soon went from being a student to an employee. She specializes in handstripping, poodles, terriers and the up and coming japanese style of grooming. Rachel has two dogs of her own that are the unofficial wizard of paws greeters - Patrick and lua. Rachel's personal business philosophy is: "If you do good things, eventually people will notice and want to support you."


Heather Johnson - Salon Manager/Groomer


 Heather Johnson has been with the Wizard of Paws team since last fall and has been an incredible asset to the company. She is an avid dog lover and is always outgoing and willing to help. Heather has been working with dogs for several years and is a certified Animal Care Aide. heather specializes in cocker spaniels, teddy clips, doodles, handscissors and is our resident cat lady. she is the proud owner of two golden retrievers named Kirek and Doug.


Jenna Thomas - Groomer


     Jenna is a compassionate groomer trained here in Victoria. She excels at scissor work and double coated breeds and will not rest until the job is done. We are thrilled to have her as part of our team and look forward to seeing her reach her full potential as she develops her grooming talents further. Jenna has two pitbulls: Gucci and Rhino.



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